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Japan and Europe are getting it next Thursday, hopefully America is too.

From the trailer, the map has a glorious retro remix of the endless night sailing theme from Wind Waker, and there's food rewards on the map.  Don't know if it's new food or just a rehash of the Great Sea selection though.  Hopefully also means new fairies.

Will be uploading a new version of the Termina map in a few, gotta get my ass in gear and finish that out.

Sad that Medli isn't Storm element.

Edit: Oh hey, once I actually finish filling in the actual map parts of the maps, would anyone want me to upload them?  Maybe in scraps?  So you can see the whole things without the clutter of the rewards and grid covering it up?
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Hyrule Warrior Legends Adventure Map Guide 6 by GGod
Hyrule Warrior Legends Adventure Map Guide 6
And here we are at the first DLC map!  Really like the set up for this one, with the Master Quest restrictions and music being themed after the Endless Night in Wind Waker.  For this you start off on the left space of Outset Island, and the Final Boss is the right space, which is a really great reference to how the Endless Night ends after meeting Jabun there. Of course you can't just skip on over to it, you need a Hookshot, which you won't get your first one until reaching where the final boss was in the Great Sea map.

Anyway, got a nice chunk cleared yesterday and this morning.  At first I thought the food drops were the same as the Great Sea, but they've mixed other food from the other maps in as well.  Also there's only 16 costumes, so kind of a bummer there.
C1 I filled in the enemies for because it seems like a good place to farm for Skull Kid materials as it's pretty easy, and I got a couple golds from it with no material boost effects.  Tingle too I guess.
Will have some more tomorrow.

5/21 - Got most of the right side completed.  Missing some food items as I've been forgetting to make sure I look for them since they aren't new.  Will start working towards the middle tomorrow.  Also, forgot to mention this, I put a colored square next to Medli's weapons to indicate their level.  Bronze/Brown = lv2, Silver/Grey = lv3, Goldish = lv4.  Will do the same for the weapons on the other DLC maps.

5/23 - Will be tomorrow or Wednesday before next update, been a little slow on progress because I made some stupid mistakes with my item cards, and I had to remake parts of the map as I noticed I somehow screwed up some sections.  Also going back to missions I forgot about the food item in.  Should be done with it besides hidden heart containers, which I'm thinking I'll just fill in anyway.

5/24 - Okay I have conquered the Master Wind Waker map!  Got all those fairy clothes elements noted, all costumes marked, and nearly all rewards marked.  Just need to go back through and get all those food items sometime.  But if you've been grabbing all the food from the previous maps, there's nothing new, so this isn't a big concern for me.  Will be updating my imgur link that actually is below now with the remaining costumes in a moment.  Also over the next couple days I'll be taking new screenshots of all the fairies for my imgur album so they look better.  And thinking I might go through and take screens of each clothing piece for an album, at least once I've got the rest on Termina.  If anyone has any suggestions for ways I can improve my reference material for the game let me know!  I strive to have this be as helpful as possible.

Here's an imgur album with all the new costumes I've obtained so far.

Zelda is owned by Nintendo
Hyrule Warriors was made by Koei-Tecmo and Omega Force
Some people from one of those groups created the sprites, I just recreated them from the screen.

stuff from the Wii U version were copied from sheets from the Spriters Resource, so credit to them for ripping the sprites.  All new stuff for Legends were recreated by me from either the game or screenshots.

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I was also planning on doing skins for every FE class, which kind of burned out.

But I am trying to get back on the wagon.
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